Take Action
How can I support the Queens Center Mall Campaign?

1. Call Macerich, the company that owns the mall.
Macerich's corporate headquarters in Santa Monica, CA: 310-394-6000

Here is an example of what you can say:
Hello. My name is _________. I live in Queens and I'm concerned that the Queens Center Mall is not giving back to the community. I think workers at the mall should be paid a living wage and should be free to organize a union without being threatened or intimidated. The Queens Center Mall should also provide space for community services such as youth activities and job training programs.

2. Help us collect more pledge cards.
Thousands of community members have signed pledge cards showing their support for the Queens Center Mall Campaign. Sign one today! Email sbasile@rwdsu.org for pledge cards.

3. Join us on June 29th at 12 noon for our pledge card delivery.
We will deliver thousands of signed pledge cards to Macerich's office at the Queens Center Mall. Meet us on the corner of 59th Ave and Queens Blvd.